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Edie DeLay

Principal Broker, Licensed in Oregon


Edie DeLay

Principal Broker, Licensed in Oregon

Phone: 541-420-2950

Sam DeLay

Principal Broker, Licensed in Oregon

Phone: 541-678-3290

Maureen Kohal

Broker, Licensed in Oregon, ABR

Phone: 541-303-3735

Sharon Nyberg

Broker ABR, Licensed in Oregon

Phone: 541-480-8774

Year End Wrap-Up: Portland Metro

March 6, 2012

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the market over the last year! There have been ups and downs, but trending has been toward forward motion overall. Our end-of-year numbers were our best of all, and imply that 2012 will be a year with increased sales, prices, and listings. December 2011 closed sales were up 10.3% for our Portland Metro branch compared to December 2010! Overall sales were up 4% by the end of the year, as well.

Our higher sales numbers also resulted in our lowest inventory in three years – showing that houses on the market are moving, but not being listed at the same rate. In fact, new listings were down 25.4%. As sales numbers increase and restore confidence in homeowners looking to sell, we expect these numbers to bounce back as well. Our branch ended the year with 8,612 active residential listings.